Masoor Dal – Red-1 Kg Packs

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  • Organically grown without pesticides and no chemical fertilizers.
  • Organic Masur dal is trusted by local consumers for being the healthiest choice of protein for their family and infants
  • Makes tasty dal tadka
  • Easy to cook
  • High protein content
  • Makes healthy khichadi after mixing with Rice
  • Unpolished Whole Dal – No polish means being closest to real natural dal without being subjected to the undesired polishing process, in order to retain most of the original nutritive content and taste.
  • Unpolished dal takes lesser time to cook as compared to polished dal retaining its nutrients and natural taste.
  • High fiber content.
  • Traditional Dal – Also known as toor dal this is a traditional Indian dish often served with rich spices over rice and is a staple of many Indian restaurants and homes.
  • Hygienically Packed – Being both convenient and user-friendly, our packaging features to deliver optimal protection to the packed products and allows freshness and shelf life to last longer.
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