Nature Fresh Acti Heart Edible Oil Pouch, 1L

175.00 155.00

  • Fortified
  • Goodness of omega 3
  • Oryzanol for fighting bad cholesterol
  • Fortified with vit a, d
  • High mufa and low safa content
  • Omega6: omega3 ratio in accordance with icmr-inn guidelines
  • Country of Origin: India
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About NatureFresh

The ethos of NatureFresh brand lies in providing the ‘best of nature’ to you. In today’s busy lifestyle when aspirations run ahead of our health, it is important to stay active. NatureFresh products help you in your endeavor to stay active and eat right. Our strength lies in sourcing the finest quality seeds, processing it just the right way to preserve nature’s goodness and packing it to retain the freshness till the time you consume the product.

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