Scotch-Brite Scrub Pad (Regular) – Pack of 5

75.00 60.00

  • Superior quality scrub pad which cleans better for longer
  • Abrasive and superior cleaning power ensures stains are removed keeping utensils clean and hygeinic
  • Abrasive particles are evenly spread through the layers of the scrub pad – this ensures that the scrub pad cleans effectively for longer
  • Superior quality nylon fiber which ensures that the scrub pad is easy to hold and retains shape for longer
  • Unique S Shape which makes the scrub pad easy to hold
  • Ideal shape and size which makes cleaning of edges rims and corners easy
  • Ideal to use with any dishwash bar and liquid
  • Removes stains from all kinds of utensils – cooker kadais saucepans regular steelaluminium utensils etc
  • Package content: 5 scrub pads
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Powered by Stain Cutters

Cleans Effectively

Unique "S" Shape

Powered by Stain Cutters

The Stain Cutter technology ensures that the abrasive particles are evenly spread throughout the scrub pad. This ensure superior cleaning for the life of the scrub pad

Cleans Effectively

The Scotch-Brite Scrub pad removes tough stains easily. The abrasive particles lifts tough stains giving your vessels a sparkling finish

Unique Shape

The scrubber has a unique S shape. This gives a comfortable grip and makes dishwashing easy


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