ScotchBrite Super Strong Heavy Duty Scrub Pad

45.00 40.00

  • Powered with a heavy dose of Stain Cutters and extra coarse fibres this special pad helps you clean tough stains with minimal effort It cleans as well as a steel scrubber without having its disadvantages like rusting and breaking
  • The ScotchBrite Super Strong Scrubber gives a tough clean to your heavy tawa kadhai pressure cooker etc
  • Fits perfectily in the palm of your hand ensuring a strong chunky grip
  • Specially designed extra powerful tool for burnt stains on tawa kadhai pressure cooker burnt milk and tea vessels etc
  • Does not have problems of rusting and breaking unlike Steel Scrubbers Hence lasts longer than any steel scrub
  • Does not hurt your hand
  • Gets into nooks and corners of your utensils giving a thorough but easy clean Works well with all dishwash bars and liquids
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